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Compress Albert has a wide range of air treatment accessories. All products are made with cutting-edge technologies and designed to guarantee high-performance systems, both during start-up and during the various phases of commissioning.

Filters and tubes

Pressure reducers and lubricators​

The units that make up a system are connected to each other by pipes that channel the renewal and expulsion air. The rigid and semi-rigid ducts are in turn connected by means of reduction rings which favor the perfect balance of the air flow rates. The good quality, therefore, of these accessories for air treatment systems is essential in order to stabilize their operation and avoid breakdowns. The fittings are of excellent workmanship and finished to last a long time, even if subjected to frequent and prolonged use. Filters are also available for:

  • improvement of air quality
  • moisture removal
  • removal of contaminating particles.

Pressure reducers ensure perfect pressure regulation and protection of the various system components. On the other hand, as far as lubricators are concerned, all the technical data are always indicated to allow the customer to choose the most suitable model for the capacity of his system.